With the guidelines changing often, we have to continue adjusting. The recent updates to the Community Sports Guidelines allow us to begin at Level 1: Skill-building drills and conditioning.

Below you will find the schedule for each team:

Rosters are posted at MaineLumberjacks.com.

We ask that everyone stay in their cars until 10 minutes before your start time so we don't have a gathering in the hallways

All time slots will go from 7:15-8:30 and will be at the Old Town YMCA UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED BELOW. 

Each player will be asked to bring their own ball, water bottle and must wear a mask at all times.

Parents are not allowed to stay in the gym to watch practice at this time.  We are following CDC guidelines which at this time is only Players and Coaches in the gym.

Monday 1/18 –          7:15 UCONN vs. South Carolina


Tuesday 1/19 –         7:15  Baylor vs. Tennessee


Wednesday 1/20 –   7:15 Florida St. vs Duke


Friday  1/22– 5:30 Baylor vs. Stanford

                        6:30 Notre Dame vs South Carolina


Saturday  1/23  – 8 – Michigan St. Vs. Indiana

                               9 – Ohio St. Vs Indiana

                             10 – Ohio St. Vs. Michigan

                             11 – Duke vs. Louisville

                             12 – Louisville vs Florida St


                               4 – 3/4th boys

                               5 – UNC vs. Syracuse

                               6 - Virginia vs Syracuse

                               7 – UNC vs Virginia

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Coach Glazier(991-2819) or Coach Lausier(316-5393).

All items are eligible for return or refund unless your product is personalized.  

Delivery is 10-14 days after placement of order.  Delivery will be made in person by a club representative.  If you have any questions you can email us on the site email or directly to Jon Glazier at jpgbasket@aol.com or Chris Lausier at chris@clausier.com